Earthlight is a vision which was birthed in 2016 by two passionate and environmentally concerned young minds.

The vision for Earthlight was birthed on September 22, 2017, finally incorporated in May 2018, Earthlight international is a Registered Social Enterprise and a youth-led initiative focused on developing sustainable environmental solutions to deep pressing climate change issues.

It is a solution-based, environmentally conscious organization with a vision to solve environmental challenges through preservation and conservation of the biodiversity of the ecosystem. We seek to achieve this by advocating, canvassing and engaging, directly or through partnership in waste management, clean energy, reforestation and sustainability education, as well as investment in innovation and technology that fosters our goals. Earthlight, as it is popularly referred to, has organized and partnered on projects such as waste collection, clean-up exercises and tree planting activities. In furtherance of the goal for safe and sustainable communities, Earthlight is also at the forefront of championing renewable energy and up-cycling of plastic products

Over the past few years, we have built our knowledge of the environment by investing in research, workshops and collaborations. Some of our partners include Recyclegarb and REES Africa, LASPARK and the ministry of environment and water resources in Oyo state.