Earthlight International Limited

Climate Change is a key global concern with rife impacts. Some of the major risks of climate change include but not limited to drastic changes in weather, environmental hazards and food insecurity due to agricultural challenges as a result of these weather and environmental changes. Most of the causal factors of climate change include carbon emission, bush burning, deforestation, etc.

The global environment is faced with a high level of pollution, which is characterized by the high emission of carbon from vehicles, industries and even homes through generators and tons of waste being accumulated in dumpsites, in the water bodies and at street corners.

To fill up this gap, we are partnering with a chain of visionary environmental NGOs and waste recycling ventures that would churn out a substantial volume of raw material for manufacturers within the country and educate the populace while investing in biogas/biofuel to reduce the carbon emission from fossil fuel. As well as other innovative ideas like a hybrid power generator free of carbon emission and liquid fertilizers for agriculture. This would help to mitigate the present high dependence on importation for almost all base materials for production and would enrich the country’s economy, while providing jobs. The most important benefit of all would be creating a cleaner and healthier environment for the populace especially those within major industrial cities such as Lagos where the stench of these waste cannot be over looked as one drives through the major express road within the city.

At Earthlight International, we are focused on innovative and evolving ways to solve our environmental problems. Earthlight is an avant-garde organization with the aim of making the environment cleaner and safer through waste collection, reforestation, education and data collection and processing.