For Lagos it was more about impact as we had initially planned to plant around industrial areas, but the soil texture and lack of planting space killed that plan. We were however allocated space by our partners, Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency, in a community in Ipaja Lagos called Ikola.

For this community we had initially planned to plant 100 trees but decided to challege ourselves and tripple it. The community which has a rather difficult clay soil was set to be a challenge but with the support of the Baale (community head) and his cheifs and members of the community we were able to achieve much.

Based on our understanding of the community, they preferred fruit seeds and seedlings rather than shrubs. So while most of our Ibadan team members were at the interview with the Permanent secretary in Ibadan, the Lagos team with the support of very passionate Youth Corp members went into Ikola to fulfill the mandate of 300 Seeds we started a “PLANT A SEED” challenge. However due to the public holidays, half the seeds we expected did not arive. However we had a donation from our biggest partner for 50 Casia shrubs and kind individuals donated 100 moringa seeds and few stalks of bitter leaf.

So with over 150 shrubs and seeds we indeed greened Ikola, planting the shrubs along the set back of the road, painstakenly digging through the hard-baked clay soil to get to drop the plants is something that can only happen when passion is involved. We also planted the seeds within the community and took the same pain to water them

Without the help of the community members we never would have succeeded even with the 150, we however promised them that we would be back with the remaining 150 seeds to finish what we started.

We were fetted by the commuity cheifs and the Baale who promised that they will ensure the seeds and shrubs are watered and nourished.